Ibrahim Nurul Huda


My name is Ibrahim Nurul Huda, a passionate web developer originating from Sukoharjo. My interests lie at the intersection of design, technology, and Islamic Studies. I aim to blend these elements, creating captivating, high-performance designs and promoting state-of-the-art web technology.

Current Engagements

Currently, my attention is devoted to freelance work as a web and SEO specialist, providing services to a wide spectrum of MSME clients. You can delve into my portfolio and my case project blog for a glimpse of my work. Simultaneously, I'm engaged in my academic journey as a Shariah Sciences student at LIPIA Jakarta.

Personal Interests

Beyond my professional and academic life, I am a keen walker and love to document my learnings in technology and notable Shariah insights. Additionally, I am exploring the digital world by producing short video clips.


I am pursuing a Bachelor of Art degree from LIPIA Jakarta (expected graduation in Dec 2026), focusing on Islamic Law, Ushul Fiqh, and comparative studies of Islamic schools of thought. I obtained my Diploma II in Intermediate Arabic Language from the same institute in Apr 2022. I'm also a proud Dicoding alumnus (Jan 2023), where I was part of the DevOps and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program. I graduated from Belajarlagi in Nov 2022, gaining advanced skills in spreadsheets for businesses. Earlier, in Jan 2021, I refined my PHP and OOP basics at LSP Digital Technology (BNSP) in Yogyakarta, alongside learning product design and client briefing. Presently, I'm pursuing MERN Stack training at Binar Academy, aiming to build landing pages and mini games. My expected graduation is in Dec 2026.


I possess broad technical expertise in web development, with proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Node.js, Astro JS, Svelte, and Vue. I'm also adept at utilizing CMS Headless for JAMSTACK. My additional skills include React, WordPress, Office applications, spreadsheets, basic networking, and Augmented Reality (AR).


I continually strive to weave a narrative encompassing web development, design, and Shariah studies through my work and academic endeavors. Currently, I am freelancing and promoting new web technologies, while concurrently pursuing my academic studies at LIPIA Jakarta. I invite you to join me on my journey of intersecting innovation and learning.

Foto Ibrahim Nurul Huda menunggu Kereta Api di Stasiun, Tersenyum, menggunakan Kacamata, berbaju hitam, dengan background atap stasiun dan langit biru